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About Us

PC’s Built BY Gamers FOR Gamers – WyldFyre Tech.

We are a company, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, specialized in providing gaming solutions and designer shuttle pc's to the general public.

Ever waited ages for a game you really want to play, you queue up for hours to purchase it. You get home, incredibly excited. The game installs easily and you sit down for a gaming session...The game doesn't load, or it does but it's slow & jerky, or the resolution is so low it's just blocks (reminiscent of the old "tape" computers!).

So we provide systems that are specifically for gamers, using only performance RAM, attractive cases & fast graphics cards. All tested to the highest performance standards.

Our pc’s are excellent value for money. Sure you may see cheaper systems around, but we don’t build cheap systems. Value for money: Yes, Cheap: No. The cheap pc’s you see advertised on the high street seem like a bargain, great value for money. But they aren’t. These systems are built solely round the processor, with all other components given secondary thought. So that amazing P4 3.4ghz system for £799 looks great, that is until you realise you only get 256mb generic RAM (not performance), a tiny 40GB hard drive and on-board graphics. This system can be outperformed by a Celeron D 335 processor with 512mb performance RAM and a dedicated graphics card. Not the bargain you thought!

We don’t promise to be the cheapest custom PC builder around, but we aim to provide the best value for money systems.